Below are photos of "Summer Boxers" & their friends!

"Best Friends"
"Paris" - Caruaidd's Star Over The Seine
(12 mos) owned by Maureen Olson & co-owned & bred by Christiune Gingell (Caruaidd Cavalier King Charles Spaniels),  "GiGi" (9 mos) & her sire "Mr. Spock" (5 yrs)
 photo by Judy Wood

"Attentive Friends"
(12 mos),  "GiGi" (9 mos) & her sire "Mr. Spock" (5 yrs)
 photo by Judy Wood

"GiGi" the 'Glamour Girl' looking annoyed & thinking:
 "See what I have to work with!!"
  "GiGi" (9 mos), "Paris" (12 mos), "Mr. Spock" (5 yrs)
 photo by Judy Wood

Divot (2 yrs) : "Here's what we're gonna do next"
Mr. Spock (10 mos) : "I'm all ears... just let me rest a bit first" 
(photo by Maureen Olson, Divot's owner, handler & trainer)

"Dash Riprock" winning Best In Show & his French Bulldog buddy "Potter" (BISS BPISS Multi-BPIS Ch. Monet's Brass Knuckles) winning BPIS (Best Puppy In Show) under judge Mr. Michael Hill. 
"Obedience Pals"

Kafka,Josie,Kazoo,Maureen & Ziggy (1996)

"The Travellin' Road Show"
(Beauty & Brains - Dual Purpose Dogs)

Niki,Reba,Teva,Jen,Maureen,Kazoo,Donovan,Debi,Stella & Josie (March 2000)

Attack of the Airedales!!!

OUCH!! You bit my toes...no fair... you have BIG teeth!!

Telling secrets!

"Dash Riprock" (2 yrs) & his little buddy  "Divot"
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - 5 1/2 mos. owned by Maureen Olson)

Dash Riprock &  Divot 

"Dash Riprock"(11 mos.) & Airedale "Soleil"

Ok...Ok...I give ...uncle!! (Dash, almost 2 years later & one of Soleil's daughters "Uzeb")

Divot & Dash playing "climb the mountain"

"When will this kid be done climbing all over me?"

Uncle Dash is very patient with little Divot!

"Nice view from under here!!"

Dash & Divot caught playing on the hotel bed

Divot pinning Dash!



"We're pooped...but hey that was fun!"

"Divot" (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy) & his fans waiting at ringside: Louise Chady (NightSun Airedales), Maureen Olson (owner), Josie O'Reilly (Summer Boxers) Debi Noseworthy (Noseworthy English Setters)

Louise Chady (NightSun Airedales), me (Josie O'Reilly) & "Dash Riprock" in the grooming tent getting ready for the ring!

Ch.Nightsun Chiantra Aurora (8 mos) owned by Kit & Tanya Ooraikul (pictured), Louise Chady & Yvan Mongeon. Chiantra won a Best Puppy in Group on the way to her Championship. Chaintra was handled by myself (pictured; 4 pts), her owners (3 pts) & Maureen Olson (3pts)  toward her Championship.
  "Mr. Spock" & "Santana" waiting in line for the bathroom!

"Divot" (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - 1 1/2 yrs. owned by Maureen Olson) says: "Aren't I cute?" & "Mr. Spock" (4 1/2 mos).

DOGPILE!! L-R: Me, Miss Jane (23 mos), Divot (1 1/2yrs), Mr. Spock (4 1/2 mos) & Kazoo (8 1/2 yrs). (Divot & Kazoo are Champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - owned by Maureen Olson).
"House Guests"
(Paris, Stella, Divot, GiGi & Mr. Spock - September 2009)

"WRESTLEMANIA!!!!! Uncle!Uncle!! OK! OK ! I give up!"
(Mr. Spock - 5 mos & Divot - 1 1/2 yrs; photo by Divot's owner Maureen Olson))

"My what a BIG mouth & BIG teeth you have!"
(Mr. Spock - 5 mos & Divot - 1 1/2 yrs; photo by Divot's owner Maureen Olson))

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